Chuck Stilwell's Background and

the Development of Stilwell's Learning Center LLC

Stilwell's Learning Clinics LLC
Stilwell's Learning Clinics LLC

1964-67: taught young Zaire students to be the hopeful leaders of Congo, Africa.

1967-69: Vice Principal of 6000, San Diego Outdoor Education 6th grade students.

1969-72: Taught inner city 5th & 6th graders reintroducing successful intensive, sequential phonics.

1972-73: Earned M.A in Human Behavior specializing in learning disabilities and differences.

1972-73: Demonstrated a gain of 2.7 grade levels with the 75 lowest scoring 3rd - 6th graders in an elementary school of 900 students. Trained aides to teach reading, spelling, vocabulary, focusing skills and cursive handwriting 45 minutes per day for 7 months with the Powerline Reading Program.

1970-72: Developed a private learning center in San Diego and supervised 15 other private learning centers.

 In 1980, Mr. Stilwell established Stilwell’s Learning Center, LLC in Sierra Vista, AZ and remains its present owner/director. 

Since beginning his business model, Mr. Stilwell has continued to help students succeed and achieve at least 1-3 grade levels improvement over 3 to 9 months. Some have been seriously handicapped with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD symptoms or autism. Others only needed to catch up or to advance to the top of the class.

Mr. Stilwell has also been contracted by Expressways To Learning®, Inc. to consult in 14 states, American Samoa, Sonora, Mexico and with the Apache Nation in Arizona. He helped set up learning labs in public and private schools and learning centers.

During the 2019-20 and the 2020-21 school periods, Mr. Stilwell took time to develop an advanced business plan with the intent to offer franchise options. Stilwell’s Learning Center is now back in Sierra Vista and already helping students succeed with reading, math and eliminate learning problems.

Stilwell’s Learning Center changes the way the brain works neurologically while eliminating causes of reading and math problems. Use of the Auditory Visual Impression Pairing system of learning (AVIP) along with intensive, sequential phonics and basic and advanced math skills, sets the company apart from others.

Stilwell’s Learning Center rescues 1st through 9th grade children before they are trapped in a functionally illiterate 4th grade position for the rest of their lives. We provide personalized math and reading tutoring at the neurological level to stimulate brain activity with proven results and long-term retention. Our specialized computerized learning systems and personalized attention help to restore confidence to learners and prepare them to become leaders in today’s complex society.

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