Chuck Stilwell, CEO and Founder

Chuck Stilwell began Stilwell’s Learning Centers in Sierra Vista, AZ in 1980.

He has demonstrated that any child can reach his/her potential with the proper training and student diligence. Currently, children attending Stilwell’s Learning Centers experience 2-4 grade levels of advancement in less than 9 months of tutoring.

His activities beyond the Learning Centers include church activities, speaking to groups, writing stories from his life’s experiences and reading. He is working on developing a coffee shop and book nook in Hereford, AZ.

Chuck loves life. His passion is to rescue children from mediocrity so as to reach their full potential.

Ashley Richards, CMO and Hereford Manager

Ashley Richards, Granddaughter of Chuck Stilwell, always knew she was going to be an educator. Whether a teacher, tutor, or entrepreneur, there are ways to learn in all things.

Ashley began tutoring with Stilwell’s Learning Centers (SLC) when she was just 16 years old, having graduated early after going through the SLC program herself.

After moving back from Catalina Island in Jan 2021, Ashley began working with Chuck again at SLC to expand and generate more business. She is currently managing and tutoring at the Hereford location.

Ashley continues her education in lifelong learning from Chuck, through Cochise College classes, and BNI.