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Research demonstrates that in 24 hours the average person forgets 80-90% of

the information they receive unless the brain has been consistently trained to

store and automatically retrieve that information.

Expressways to Learning systems provide the solution. Concentrated rehearsal over a period of 3 days makes it possible to store 90-100% of processed information in long-term memory. Retention is then assured.

If students have already been tested at school then why retest?

It is important for us to evaluate students in order to reasonably project how long their work should take and where to place them in our learning systemsfor the best results. Since our tests are diagnostic, they usually uncover learning problems that are not often found or addressed in the school system.

Our diagnostic testing gives grade levels for our pre / post progress evaluation. Testing identifies real problems while offering real hope that students can overcome their deficiencies through proper training.

What grade levels are your materials and learning systems?

Our learning systems and materials are designed to progress sequentially from Kindergarten to second-year college levels for all ages. They are not based on grade levels but are built to help any age without creating problems or embarrassment.

Diagnostic testing enables us to determine the academic level of the student for proper placement. Thus, they will be better equipped to progress to their true grade level and beyond. Testing is used to log a student’s progress, not stress a grade or label the student.

What progress can we expect?

Students should be able to successfully perform and advance beyond their current grade level in reading or math areas within the prescribed time. Because retention becomes permanent, progress usually continues exponentially as they continue in their school studies.

Learning problems, including Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, and ADHD, begin to disappear, often completely. English Language Learners find success with Expressways to Reading.

Focusing skills, self-confidence, penmanship, reading, math, spelling, study skills, organizational skills, attention span, and vocabulary all improve simultaneously.

Stop struggling with material you don’t understand. With over 44 years in business, the trained tutors at Stilwell’s Learning Center, LLC will make sure you understand the material in no time, no matter what your age.

Our professionals customize each person’s study plan and expect students to finish at least 3-5 lessons each week with 3 days at the center, 60-90 minutes each day.

Why do you recommend 3-5 lessons each week?

Both responsible research and our experience over the years reveal that 3 to 5 hours of consistent work is best for optimal long-term memory retention and academic progress. Maximum success of this program requires completing the equivalent of 3 to 5 lessons per week.

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