We have different programs to suit any needs!

The computer records all of the options chosen by a student and will customize each lesson based on their needs or preferences. The computer also records all of the scores and the time spent on each program.  Student scores may be viewed for the current day and all previous days.

There is also a student management program for the teacher, which is extremely flexible and detailed. The progress can be seen at any time frame to review the students’ status, which helps the teacher focus on the student's needs.

  • ​​Expressways to Reading with Dyslexia Connections® (ETR)
  • Expressways to Math® I
  • Expressways to Math® II & III
  • QuikComp®
  • AdVocab®

Expressways To Learning® (ETL) is an immense multimedia, multi-sensory learning system. There are over 330 lessons with 28 different program exercises, all integrated, intensive and sequential. With this extensive system makes it possible for us to customize very precisely for the individual student.

Customizing for individual needs is easy and quick.  Options provide variable speeds for both auditory and visual learning systems, regulating the tempo of the lesson, or pausing for verbal responses.  There is immediate feedback of any errors with the opportunity for correction and review.

"My son received his report card. His grades have been so much better since we have enrolled him at Stilwell's Learning Center. On this report card he had 3 As, 3 Bs, and 2 Cs. The Cs were very close to being Bs. Thank you so much for all your help."

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