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AdVocab is often used to increase SAT and ACT scores measurably. Since higher vocabulary and word knowledge correspond to higher incomes and better personal relationships, AdVocab should be every serious learner’s companion.

AdVocab increases vocabulary while improving spelling, focusing and visual skills.  Utilizing 20 different computer programs, the 131 lessons are based on the thousands of multi-syllable words not taught in Expressways To Reading®.

Words are disassembled and reassembled giving root spellings and definitions and unlocking 1000’s of partner words in the process. It is a learning system which disciplines the mind to think while combining meanings with word forms, often using game formats.

“Sarah began with Stilwell’s Learning Center with 2nd grade levels in all of her work. The following year, her school found she tested at nearly 6th grade level in everything.”

We get results!

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Parts A and B of Lesson 1 give an historical background of the English language with

interactive questions and answers. The format in lesson 1 is the same used in QuikComp.

Parts C and D of Lesson 1 give an overview of the rest of the lessons in AdVocab with more interactive questions and answers.  If a question is missed, the computer screen will revert to the information portion of the text for that question.  The student is able to immediately correct the error and strengthen their learning.

Other early lessons include:

  • Words within larger words
  • [ACT or SAT Help] Compound words
  • Combining forms
  • Prefixes: 14 most common prefixes with meanings and applications (82% of the prefixes in the 20,000 most commonly used words in English.)
  • Suffixes: most commonly used with their meanings and applications

Later lessons include:

  • Prefixes and suffixes not as commonly used
  • Roots, an entertaining section on their meanings and applications
  • Number words
  • Regular multi-syllable words in general use by writers and speakers
  • Scientific and technical terms, particularly for high school, college or business