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After graduating with his Bachelor’s

degree in 1964, Chuck Stilwell became

part of an 18-man team sent to Zaire,

Africa, which is now the Democratic

Republic of the Congo. From 1964-1967

he helped train about 100 hand-picked

students to become leaders in their


Returning to San Diego in 1967, he

became Vice Principal and teacher with

the San Diego, CA, City & County Schools for 2 years in Outdoor Education, which

serviced 24,000 6th graders per year.

Between 1969 and 1972, he taught 5th and 6th grades in disadvantaged schools in

San Diego for 3 years. It was during that time period he developed a private learning

center in San Diego and was soon supervising 15 other centers using the same

program he helped to promote.

Chuck Stilwell earned his Master’s degree in 1972 in Human Behavior & Education with an emphasis in educating those with various learning deficiencies. His Master’s Thesis included a project which involved testing the lowest-scoring 150 students in an elementary school of 900 students. He then took the lowest 75 of those students and developed a plan to teach them reading, spelling, vocabulary, focusing skills and cursive handwriting. The students were pulled out of regular classes 5 days per week for 45 minutes per day. By the end of the 7 month project the students gained an average of 2.7 grade levels in reading accuracy, comprehension and spelling, and vocabulary. That was significant, since most of them were regressing before attempting the programmed tutoring.

After 10 years in San Diego, Mr. Stilwell and his family moved to Arizona, where in 1980, he again established a learning center in Sierra Vista, AZ and remains its present owner/director.

For over 47 years, Mr. Stilwell has continued to help students achieve at least 2-3 grade levels improvement usually during periods of 6 to 12 months. Some have been seriously handicapped with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD symptoms or autism. Others just needed advancement.

Mr. Stilwell has been contracted by Expressways To Learning®, Inc. to consult in 14 states, American Samoa and Sonora, Mexico and with the Apache Indian Nation with learning labs using the nationally acclaimed Expressways To Learning® Reading and Math systems in public and private schools and learning centers. He also oversees ETL’s distance learning program. Among other things, he is writing a strategic manual for home businesses to be ready for publication in 2018.

In his spare time, Chuck enjoys landscaping and working with his acre of plants, fruit trees and garden. His wife, Sue, owns S&S Tours.  They both enjoy traveling during vacation times to other countries as well as exploring our own country. Chuck enjoys reading, writing, hiking, family and church activities.

He is having too much fun to retire anytime soon!